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How to explain art [to someone who doesn’t speak your language]

first,try the language
of the person
who doesn’t speak
your own:resort to that
in failure only.

although they’re often needed
,restrict the use of words
be anthropological
:observe to frame
the observation.

travel with him/her
and wait
til you encounter
something in the world
that catches
their attention.

(be prepared to travel
for hours—days even
,but considering the world
it is unlikely
the journey
will take so long)

the catch will be reflected
in the reaction
.when this occurs
,turn your attention to
his/her attention.

it is impossible to see it
as s/he sees it
but well enough
to stop framing
and start

consider the value of
:gesturing and measuring
with hands
,language-less exclamations to fuel
comparison between the thing
and the re-creation.

a soft stone can mark concrete
fingers can dig
into mud
to sculpt,or if you are
civilly equipped
with a mouth harmonica
,a paintbrush,an ipad
,begin with those.

say in language
to your
watchful friend
that the recreation
is of what you had seen
catch him/her
and that what you are doing
is art
,that the distance
him/her and you
is art
,that the space between
the original and the copy is art
:that we are all part
of the art


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I could have gone in for the law

instead of blunting my mind

against the soapstone of fiction.

Nevertheless: a razor has memory

that gathers no whiskers, and

once a blade, always a blade.

I put my senses to the best of uses:

winning arguments, various forgeries,

timing & stealth: sliding into a room only

upon the latch-click that signifies vacancy.

And more. My marvellous sharp machine

can collapse in on itself, self-sustain and convince

that burying its point, exposing what’s flat

can buy it time, and some amount of peace.

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NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) 2014 ended on April 30 but writing the same amount of poems as days can take up til August to get over. Kathryn was’s featured participant for Day 27, noted for the ‘wry, somewhat mordant’ humour in her work and its ‘multiplicity of lengths and forms’.

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